How to Order Flowers
or Wire Flowers
Little Lattitudes Beachside Florist
Prior to the internet and cheap long distance telephone service
it was necessary to order, or wire flowers through your local florist
for out of town deliveries.
Your local florist would get a cut off the top, the wire service would get a cut,
and the receiving florist would hopefully make and deliver something
close to what you had ordered.

Today there is no need to bankroll the wire services and the myriad
of self appointed flower delivery brokers that pop up on
Internet searches for Florists in nearly every location.

We recommend doing an internet search for a florist in the location you need
the flowers delivered and phoning or emailing the order to them directly.
A neighborhood florist in the same or adjacent zip code
may facilitate a timely delivery

Call Little Lattitudes directly to order flowers for delivery  in Satellite
Beach, Cocoa Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Indialantic, Viera, Suntree,
and Patrick Air Force Base
321 600 5935
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