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The Candy Shop at Little Lattitudes
specializes in Candies we knew as children and that you may
have found in the drugstore that was the original
resident here in 1957.
We have Atomic Fire Balls, Candy Sticks, Ribbon Candy,
Salt Water Taffy and more

Let the nostalgia rip with this easy gift from
Little Lattitudes
Old Fashioned Candy Shop
Our favorite assortment of boxed Ribbon Candy, a box of
Peppermint Ribbon Candy, a box of Christmas Hard Candies, a tin
of Cambridge and Thames tropical fruit drops, a bundle of candy
sticks, a few handfuls of penny candies in a Gingerbread House
Christmas bag dressed and scented like we do at Little Lattitudes.

This is a $20 Cash and Carry Special.
We can basket these items to order with others if you wish for pick
up or local gift delivery.
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